Choosing the Perfect Laptop for You


Are you unsure of the choice of laptop to buy for your work, school, and everyday use? Are you planning to get a new laptop soon and you are confused on which one to upgrade to? This article will guide you on the things you should consider when buying a laptop and how to choose the one that is perfect for you.

With the increase in the rate of use of laptops, many laptops are now seen everywhere which makes it more difficult to choose the right laptop to buy. Selecting the perfect laptop that fits into your needs, personal preference, budget and preferred product specifications seems like a huge task nowadays.

It might be true that considering your budget is the first step when buying a laptop but it doesn’t always help as it limits you to other important things such as quality, durability, operating system, spec among other things you should look at.

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Here are other important things to consider when choosing a Laptop.

The Size of the Laptop

The size of a laptop is measured by the screen size and basically, a smaller screen size means better portability. It is important to consider the right size when choosing a laptop. Size matters when it comes to laptop especially if portability is your priority. Laptops’ screen size ranges from 11.3 inches to 17.3 inches. You can decide to pick the right size for you depending on what you plan on doing with your laptop. Brands like HP, Lenovo and Asus offer three display sizes – 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches and 17.3 inches. It is not a case of one size fits all – some users need something portable and lighter. On the other hand, some users need discrete graphics for video editing or for high end games and portable laptops won’t be fit for them.

Laptop Screen and Keypad Quality

Working on your laptop will require that you stare at the screen for hours, therefore, it is important to look out for a screen that feels natural and comfortable to work with. You might also want to consider getting a touchscreen. Touchscreens are now common as they tend to make some tasks easier. Also, if you’ll be typing on your laptop for long you have to ensure your laptop have a comfortable layout with full-sized keys and enough space between the keypads.

The Processor 

The processor (CPU) is the main factor in a laptop specification list and it has a huge influence on the performance of a laptop. The ability of a laptop to run fast and allow a user to run large program depends on how powerful the processor is. However, depending on what you intend to do with your laptop, you might find out that even the least expensive model is just right for you. It is advisable to use the intel process. Intel core processor offer the best performance when it comes to multitasking and it provides a range of processors such as core i3, core i5, core i7 etc.

Storage & RAM

The memory of a computer is known as RAM. Having more memory means you can run more programs on your laptop. 4GB RAM is the standard memory for normal laptops – at least it’s enough to get the best out of your system. If you are getting a laptop for gaming or other complex purposes, then 4GB RAM is not enough. You need laptops with more RAM like 16GB or 32GB RAM.

Another important feature you should consider when buying a laptop is the storage. The storage is mainly of two types – HDD & SDD. Specifically, getting a SSD is more advisable because the Solid State Drive makes programs run faster. But HDD can store a lot of data compared to SSD and they are found in most laptops. Most people tend to choose SSD storage because SSD laptops work faster than HDD laptop.

Battery life

When considering a laptop to buy, it is important to choose a laptop with at least 7/8hours battery life. A laptop device runs on battery so buying one with long battery life should be a priority. A laptop with 7hours battery life is enough to work if you decide to spend time away from an outlet. Nowadays, standard laptops have 8hours plus battery life.


Getting the perfect laptop that will serve the right purpose will be easy if you put the laptop’s features and specifications into consideration. While making buying decision, you can also consider laptop brands that you will like to have. Another challenge is finding a trusted and reputable store (either online or physical) to buy from.

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