Education Technology is the new normal.


Education Technology has become central to the conversation on how children and young adults learn in a post-pandemic world. Since the advent of Covid-19 impacted the world, the role of technology in providing the innovation necessary to keep businesses and schools open is understated.

EdTech in particular played a crucial role to provide the tools schools needed to impart knowledge as well as track the progress of students. Virtual classrooms and gamified learning became handy learning innovations that went mainstream in 2020.

In 2021, the following trends are the notable areas of growth in the EdTech space;

  • Digital textbooks will likely take the place of textbooks and will be significantly cheaper alternative helping education become more accessible to disadvantaged students
  • On-demand learning, because of learning resources going digital, students can access them on their mobile telephones. This could potentially revolutionize and improve learning outcomes
  • Gamefied learning and assessment tests; leveraging on mobile education apps, learning can be transformed into gamed steps that provide digital rewards and feel-good factor for children and young adults, improving the time spent on educational activities.
  • Assessments can be similarly structured to improve attention and desire to succeed. Data-driven insights can be tracked and extracted from Educational apps such as CodeMonkey which teaches software languages in a fun manner to children and young adults.

In conclusion, Education Technology has come to stay, and it is necessary for schools and guardians of school-age children to embrace the various trends enumerated above and leverage the multiplier effect EdTech promises.

At SKLD, we are committed to providing the Learning resources school-age children and young adults require to create a better future for themselves.

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