Mother’s Day – Gift Ideas For Mums


As Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it is important to note that there’s no one-size-fits all gift for mums and the age disparities are obviously present.

Some Mums are in their 20s, others are in their 40s and f0s etc. We have Mums who are totally focused on lifestyle, career and home affairs.

So coming up with best gift ideas for Mums can feel like an impossible task but guess what, we are here to help you find gifts for several dozen specific mums. Hopefully this will help spark more ideas.

  1. Most Mums are into cooking wares and adding Flasks to their collection of Kitchen wares won’t be a big deal for them.

Take a look at the flasks we have for food and even for water… A must have for every mum.

You can visit the physical stores or shop online for them


  1. For Mums who are into home affairs and have a thing for quality sheets then we have you covered. Good Bed sheets make you have a wonderful day and we got then in different colours, sizes as well as known for its quality and durability.

  1. The working mums are not left behind as well. They always want to be seen as trendy by upping their game. The cooling tabs re just the best gifts for them. We have different types in Havit, Baseus and in Ergo stands.


Some Mums are entrepreneurs and they are always on the move. We also got gift ideas for them. With the power banks, they have got nothing to worry about as to how their phones will be charged or wireless earphones that will enable them receive their calls with ease. For easy communication, the Amazon Tabs will also do them good.

  1. I could I forget the YouTube Mums, the social media influencer mums. The best gift ideas suitable for them are the Ring Light and selfie sticks…with these they are going to be dishing out great contents.

Trust us, Skit NG has got something for every MUM.

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