MHS Two Tab Skort Khaki


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Box Pleat Skirt

Size Chart
202-3 Yrs11
213-4 Yrs12.5
225-6 Yrs14.5
237-8 Yrs16
249-10 Yrs17.5
2511-12 Yrs19
2613 Yrs20
2713 Yrs21
2814 Yrs22.5
2914 Yrs23.5
3015 Yrs23.5
3115 Yrs24
3215 Yrs24
3316 Yrs24
3416 Yrs25
3616 Yrs25
3816 Yrs26
4016 Yrs26
4216 Yrs27

Girls Skort

Size Chart
32-3 Yrs2010
43-4 Yrs2111
54-5 Yrs2212
65-6 Yrs2313
76-7 Yrs2414
87-8 Yrs2515
109-10 Yrs2616
1211 Yrs2717
1412 Yrs2818
1613 Yrs3019
1814 Yrs3220
2015-16 Yrs3421
2215-16 Yrs3622
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Style meets comfort in this Casual and school wear staple with a trendy twin-buckle detail and soft built-in short. Comfortable for your girl child, as it comes with a short underneath.

This locally made school wear is tailored to fit rigorous school activity and suited for tropical climate like ours with variable wet and dry seasons. Perfectly fitted smart school uniform skirt. It is stitched-down permanent pleats, decorative buckle tabs on the front, and a convenient side zipper closure that make this skirt a true classic.

The design is created from locally sourced school uniform materials and tailored to fit school uniform requirements based on texture, color, pattern, durability and comfort.

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MHS Two Tab Skort Khaki


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