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Cedar Shoe Deodorizers is a comprehensive solution for keeping sneakers clean and fresh. Cedar shoe inserts are long lasting and can be used in gym bags, dresser drawers, boxing gloves, storage chests and more.

Unpleasant shoe odours can be a major issue. They’re especially noticeable when you walk into an office, store, or other public space.
Sneaklin cedar shoe deodorizers are the perfect solution for eliminating odors and keeping your shoes smelling fresh and clean.

Made from real cedar wood, these deodorizers are naturally absorbed by the inside of your shoes to eliminate odors and leave behind a refreshing, natural scent

A hard-bristle shoe brush, a microfiber towel, and three quick sneaker wipes. It is designed to effectively remove dirt and grime from sneakers. Using the kit is straightforward.

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Cedar Shoe Deodorizers


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