Casio SA-78A Piano


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  • 44 Mini size keys
  • 100 Built-In sounds.
  • 50 Drum patterns.
  • Live drum pads.
  • LCD Display.
  • Battery powered, with mains AC option.
  • Headphone connector.
  • Compatible with AC Adaptor AD-E95100L (Not Included)


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Let Their Ambition Grow

Casio SA series keyboards bring the spirit of music to households across the world. Make a beat on electronic drum pads? Learn a new song? Make a family moment even more fun? All this and much more is possible with the amazing SA-78 mini keyboard.

Let eager minds explore any of the 100 tones, including instruments from every corner of the globe, and discover exciting musical styles with the 50 built-in drum rhythms and backing patterns.

You can even take the lead and play along to 10 fully orchestrated songs, learning at different speeds as you go.

Fun and Easy to Use

Every control and button on the SA-78 is designed to be intuitive and easy. As you’d expect from Casio, the highest standards of manufacture have been employed to ensure excellent build quality and reliability. Every button has a positive, soft-touch feel and is just the right size for tiny fingers.

You can play up to 8 notes at once on the 44 mini keys, which allows for chords and melodies to be heard at the same time.

The free session styles introduce the building blocks of pop music, such as the 12 bar blues and four-chord songs. Use the 5 drum pads to perform your own drum solo too!

Enjoyable Learning

The SA-78 is  a great way to get kids interested in playing the keyboard or piano. At the center of the SA-78 is an easy to read LCD display. Press any key, and see how that note is shown as musical notation (in either treble clef or bass clef).  This is perfect for their very first steps in learning to play.

There is Always Time For Music

With the SA-78, any time can be music time. Weighing just 1.1kg, you’ll find it perfect for use anywhere you please. 6 AA batteries will give you 5 hours of continuous use, or you can plug in the optional AD-E95100L power adapter.

You can also plug in headphones for silent practice using the 3.5mm headphone connector.

Learn Online With Casio

The SA-78 includes free access to online music lessons from the Casio Music Academy. Watch and participate in a series of online tutorials to help you build secure musical skills, designed by a team of music educators.
These lessons are not time-limited or free trials, they’re there for you for as long as you own your Casio keyboard.

  • Study online, anywhere.
  • No time limit or expiry.
  • Includes videos, play along exercises and interactive graphics.
  • Designed for beginners.

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Casio SA-78A Piano


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