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Fujifilm INSTAX 12 is a fun little camera. There is a clear sense of anticipation when the motor whirrs and the print is ejected, and even more while waiting for it to reach full development.

Fujifilm just announced the introduction of the INSTAX MINI 12, worthy successor to the well-liked MINI 11, and Shutterbug was allowed to run a sample through its paces several days prior to the launch. Consistent with instant photography’s shoot-and-share mindset, the MINI 12 is a fun, easy-to-use camera that we expect to be well received.


While maintaining the core features of the INSTAX MINI 11, the MINI 12, priced at adds useful new features including parallax correction capabilities that enhance composition accuracy when shooting closeups, automatic flash control and a convenient multi-function twist lens.



Still, in a world where digital photography is practically free after the initial camera purchase and seemingly everyone has a smartphone capable of mimicking a digital camera, instant cameras that require the ongoing purchase of consumable film packs and produce comparatively small images are something of a head-scratcher. That said, there’s no arguing with success. Fujifilm created a market niche by thoroughly understanding the primary audience for this product line and building attractive merchandise ideally suited to capture it.

INSTAX UP! Smartphone App
Perhaps of greater long-term significance, Fujifilm collaterally announced the launch of its free Instax smartphone app. Aiming, perhaps, for the best of both the analog and digital worlds, INSTAX UP! empowers users to scan, import, organize and share digitized images of the hardcopy prints produced by any INSTAX camera or printer. It also allows users to import photos from earlier INSTAX apps, including INSTAX MINI LINK and the INSTAX LINK WIDE apps.

Want to be the life of the party or spread instant joy among a group of your friends? Snap candid INSTAX shots and bring smiles to some faces as you share the prints. While we have no hard data to back our speculation, our intuition informs us that INSTAX cameras are aimed toward younger users who appreciate the immediate—and tangible—gratification that a digital camera cannot deliver.

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Instax Mini 12 Camera


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