Top 5 Educational Toys for Kids in 2021

educational toys

Kids get addicted to their toys in no time, just as they won’t take their eyes off their favourite show all night. However, as they grow older, they start to enjoy a wider variety of toys. They tend to get bored of the usual toys over time and want to explore something new – this is where educational toys come to the rescue.

The fact is that kids are always passionate about whatever they are doing. Still, as they develop, their brain expectedly does the same, so it is more advisable to entertain them with toys that stimulate their minds and inspire them to learn.

Educational toys do not only entertain the kids but also help them develop intellectually. The more they play with educational toys, the more they learn how to concentrate and focus, resulting in enhanced creativity and imagination development.

The best gifts for your kids are educational toys, especially now that the summer holiday is here. You don’t have to worry about what the kids are doing in your absence because you can be sure they are more focused on their educational toys and learning new things simultaneously.

In this article, we have collated a list of the top 5 educational toys you can get the kids. See below:

Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Edition Tablet: This tablet is designed to enhance the kids’ tech knowledge and has educational and entertaining books, apps, and audio suitable for every kid. The tablet has in-built parental controls that allow parents to limit screen time and set daily limits and a kid-friendly case designed to withstand bumps and drops. It is easy to use for easy access to the kids and has long battery life. educational toys

Funskool Word Puzzle: The word puzzle kids game helps the kids develop motor skills, cognitive skills, and spatial skills. It is innovative and exciting and will help the kids build their vocabulary and knowledge of new words. It offers kids hours of curiosity as they try to find matching words and letters. It has bright illustrations that make it easy to remember and spot letters and match expressions. educational toys

Sequence for Kids: This classic sequence game is creatively made just for kids. It is an exciting and innovative strategy game that helps develop logical thinking skills. It consists of a folding game board, 42 playing cards, 21 red, blue, yellow, and green playing cards, and a complete game instruction to guide the kids. educational toys

Funskool Quilling Art: The Funskool Quilling Art helps the kids develop motor skills, cognitive skills, creativity and imagination, and sensory skills. The game consists of paper strips, quilling tools, glue bottles, frame cover, greeting card, frame background, and instruction sheet. It is a great way to teach kids quilling, papercraft, handicrafts, and artwork. Study shows that it helps develop kids’ confidence, patience, artistic skills and talent.educational toys

Funskool Classic Chess: You can spend some quality time and engage with the kids with the classic chess game. It helps with curiosity building and problem-solving skills. The game consists of a solid chessboard with a wooden finish, 1 set of plastic molded chess pieces and instructions. The game of chess is one of the oldest games in the world, and it helps build mental skills and promotes thinking out of the box; getting the Funskool chess game for the kids to help them master the game at a young age. It is classy, durable, and easy to use.educational toyus

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